On Thursday, May 28th 2015 , Shazlin Shahminan held a talk for Youth Science Forum. The topic of the talk was Love. The lecture hall was packed with students and this is the first time our talks was packed with students. The talks was attended by our guess of honor Cikgu Hamidah, tutors from each department and student from both U-6 & L-6. The talk started smoothly and he started the talk with asking the audience ” what do you know about love?”. As expected, a lot of answers were given from the students. Shazlin”s objective in presenting this topic because i want to make people realize what love is, how precious love is and what is the truth about love. He first stated about the love at first sight. Shazlin explain how it works and how effective love in first at sight is.

Shazlin asked the audience are they believe in love at first sight ? how effective would it be ? how loyal the person would be to the person they have fallen for, which they’ve fallen in love at first sight. Shazlin also explain how to know that somebody love you and obviously , most of the audience eager to know. Shazlin started it with stating that they tell that someone that they like that one individuals. well for shazlin, this statement is the obvious way to know that someone is liking you. Another way is that, that one person might be clingy with you.

At the end of the talk, the question and answer started. well as expected, dozen of question were asked and shazlin managed to answer the question confidently. Most of the comments was positive and the find the topic presented was interesting and to them it has developed their general knowledge. Finally, we all members of the YSF would like to thank all tutors and student that have attended to our talk and have been supporting us since day one.

IMG_0824 IMG_0773

IMG_0860 IMG_0833



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