If I were to relive my sixth form years (in Brunei), what opportunities would I have liked to have? That was the very question that sparked the initiative for the Youth Science Forum (YSF).

In part, YSF is a similar idea to what I had benefited from while in the UK. And I feel one of the reasons the government sent scholars abroad was to bring in new, progressive ideas that can be aligned with the nation’s progress.

Knowing full well that our students lack the capability to be coherent and articulate their thoughts properly, I feel YSF provides a unique opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, while talking about things that they really want to talk about – hence the free choice of topics.

I am proud that YSF had organised fifteen lectures and published six in-house newsletters throughout 2015. This is a testament of the hard work of these driven, young people. I continue to believe that given creative freedom to explore, we can really be surprised by how much these young students can offer the school.

The school administration and students have been fully supportive of YSF ventures. We organised lectures in air-conditioned lecture theatres, with permission from the school administration. We printed advert posters and newsletters with school printers. We only have the audience because of the continued support and on behalf of the YSF committee, past and present, we thank you very much.

Coupled with academic excellence, being involved with YSF as committee members in organising talks or as presenters in communicating interesting sciences effectively would ultimately place them in unique positions, unrivalled at other sixth form centres in Brunei for future opportunities. In addition, the experience and the soft skills developed would be invaluable in any vocation. I have grown to respect every single committee member whatever their roles were for their relentless pursuit of higher quality output and better outcomes within YSF.

Students at PTET should have a sense of pride and belonging to the school. Alumni ought to feel that the school has done its utmost best in shaping them to be successful individuals in society. It is my personal hope that with well-planned succession plan, the generations of YSF torch-bearers would continue to benefit from this opportunity the school affords them.

In addition, with the PTET Science Outreach for primary school pupils, as organised by the PTET Science Department and facilitated by YSF members, it was hoped that we could help bridging the gap between what the young people learn in books and what they have always associated sciences with – fun, entertaining and logical. We certainly hope these primary school students grow up to enjoy sciences a lot in secondary schools and eventually come here to PTET to pursue their tertiary education.

Mr Onn

MChem (Oxon), MTeach (UBD), MRSC (UK)

Founder of PTET YSF



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