YSF logo explanation by Teo Zhi Perng (first President of YSF)

With only a bit more than a year under its belt, the Youth Science Forum(YSF) PTET committee have provided an opportunity for a broader audience to witness science in its most beautiful form. Science has always been about questioning – from the most in-depth topics to the very simplest curiosities. Which leads to our question now, what does the YSF logo mean? What does it represent?

We are born curious. Exploring the unknown is what makes us human. We have set sails for the seven seas, climbed every mountain and soared through the skies and yet, we are far from finished to exploring the world around us. As I quote from Star Trek, “Space is the final frontier”. The YSF logo has a deep, dark space as its background to represent the unknown, beyond our comfort zone because that is what science is built upon the unknown and asking questions become our daily routine.

The blue and red robots facing each other represents the modern and futuristic lifestyle where artificial intelligence will be a common happening. Science has come a long way over the decades. Even to this day, we are still learning and pursuing more advancements in science. The YSF committee explores current happenings in the science field and their influence on our everyday lives and possibly on our future.

The general circular shape of the whole logo represents order and the gold ring represents boundaries or borders. As beautiful as science can be, it is of common knowledge that for anything that exists, there is always a negative counterpart to it, science is no exception to this. There have been science inventions that brought disasters regardless of the creator’s intentions. We must be vigilant in our research and ensure that our scientific inventions in the current time do not bring harm to the people around us. There must be borders.

In summary, science builds upon the basis of ask and answer. Science is learning and it is with science that we can improve the qualities of our current lives and fulfill many achievements never before thought possible.

It is as Albert Einstein says, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”