Science for Thought January/February 2018 is out! 

We would like to apologise for publishing this only after the 28th of February due to other complications. February had been a hectic month with lots of things and events happening.  Thank you for understanding.

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This will be the last newsletter published by the current YSF committee and will soon be taken over by the next YSF committee of 2018/2019. I hope with this, our beloved readers would be able to enjoy one last newsletter from us. We would like to express our gratitude for always keeping up and supporting us.

As usual, we have prepared a quiz for everyone to enjoy and try out!

This newsletter features a very special interview with the high achievers of the latest ‘A’ level Examination of 2017. We would like to emphasise this area in hopes that every other future ‘A’ level exam takers would gain something from reading about it.

Stay tuned and look forward to what our next batch of YSF committee of 2018 has to offer! 

Thank you, everyone.

Kind regards,

PTET YSF team 2017/2018