The last talk before the school holiday was held at Lecture Theater Excellence. The talk was presented by Nur Azliana Abdullah. It was attended by Principal, Deputy Principal, tutors and as well as Lower 6 and Upper 6 students. The talk was about science of cuteness. She introduced the definition, discovery, characteristics and also what is the meaning of cute aggressions.

She begins the talk with the definition of cute. Cute is defined as “acute”. It was the slang that was used 180 years ago which means women who were pretty. But nowadays, cat can also defined as a subjective term describing a level of attractive by means of smallness, prettiness, and commonly associated with youth and appearance.

She talks about the discovery of cuteness. According to her research, it was first discovered by Austrian biologist and ethologists. During World War 2, he worked as Nazi’s psychologist named Sir Konrad Lorenz. He studied about what makes certain things cute during his spare time. As the result, “kinderschema” was introduced. It is a study of babies”s feature compiled in brief descriptions and slapped a German word on it, “kinder” which translate the meaning of children or baby. In another word, kinderschema means baby schema.

She continued with the characteristics of kinderschema. An Austrian successor, Irenaus Eibl- Eibesfedlt described the characteristics kinderschema sets certain characteristics that human would normally identify as cute and adorable such as large rounded head relative to the body size, large protruding forehead, large eyes relative to the face, large rounded cheeks, rounded body shape, and soft elastic body surfaces.

In her talk, she explained the meaning of cute aggressions. It is used to describe a subject that is seen as cute and adorable that can trigger a violent impulses such as pinching cheeks of the subject. In addition, cute aggression is a normal activity or action. This is because of brain’s mesocorticolimbic systems mediates the response to cuteness. A hormone called Depomine is being released that creates pleasure.

 During Question and Answer session, one of the student asked “Is it possible to be killed by cuteness?” to which she replied, “That is depend on the murder, if the murder have a psychological problem, then that could happen”.

We would like to thank Nur Azliana Abdullah for delivering her talk and also to Principal, Deputy Principal, tutors and as well as student for participating in our talk.

        DSCF3180  DSCF3183


To watch the lecture, watch it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ptetyouthscienceforum


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