August 27th 2015, our former Chief Secretary, Nur Adlina Azman made her first talk about ‘Vaping E-cigarettes’ at Lecture Theater Excellence. The talk was attended by the Principal, Deputy Principals, tutor and students. The contents of the talk was about general knowledge of vaping e-cigarettes, the history and the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

She started with the introduction of e-cigarettes which is a battery-operated products that contains nicotine, flavors and other chemicals and it was introduced in the market in 2004. She also added extra information about e-cigarettes. She told the audiences that contents of e-liquid are nicotine, propylene glycol, flavoring and vegetable glycine. In addition, she said that the price range of e-cigarette in Brunei is between $60-$300 while e-liquid is between $8-$20. In addition, she elaborated on how the e-cigarettes worked. The heater inside it is used to vaporize the e-liquid while sensor is used to detect when smoker take in drag, microprocessor helps to save on heater and lights and etc.

She continued her dialogue with the history of e-cigarettes. Whereas, as told, e-cigarettes were brought out by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 and it is the smallest tobacco cigarettes. She further explained the harmful outcome of e-cigarettes. Equally it can damage the lung, caused the lungs to feel “burn”, damage our respiratory system and also decrease immunity. She proceeded with e-cigarettes content such as nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance,which when it is taken at high dose, it can kill people as it may dissolve readily into the bloodstream. It also increase our heart pressure and breathing rate due to the release of adrenaline. It also can induce anxiety and insomnia (difficulties to sleep at night). Agreeing to her research, most vapors have dry skin, red eyes and burning feelings.

During Questions and Answers sessions, there was a tutor which asked ‘Why some parents let their children vaping?’ which Adlina replied ‘Some parents have a lack of knowledge’. She was able to tackle all the questions that were asked by the tutors and also our fellow schoolmates. One of it was ‘Is too much e liquid can cause hallucinations?’ to which she replied ‘No, there is no effect’

We would like to thank for the students and tutors that participate in our talk and as well as Nur Adlina Azman for delivering the lecture.

To watch the lecture, you can check it on Youtube.



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