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Starting school once again nearing the end of July with our ninth talk, an Upper Sixth PTET Student, Hadhirah A’yuni Haminudin talks about ‘Racism and Prejudice’ at Lecture Theater Excellence. The talk was attended by both Upper and Lower Sixth students as well as tutors from both departments. In the talk, a wide area is covered ranging from biological facts to supporting evidence with the usage of interesting concepts such as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. She has done well in delivering her talk, focusing on causes of Racism and Prejudice without excluding a great conclusion on ending both racism and prejudice by uniting together.

She began her talk by linking the relationship of racism and prejudice with the genes that are located within our DNA – which are basically substances that shape our personality and the likes. She backed up her explanation with various scenarios that made her content all the more understandable and easier to follow. Her talk also covered on the concept of Altruism, that is, the belief or practice of concern towards the well-being of other people.

She further illustrated her explanation by introducing the Prisoner’s Dilemma. As explained by her, this dillemma is about two prisoners and they are given the choice to confess or remain silent. If a prisoner confesses, the other prisoner suffers more jail time and vice versa. If both prisoner confesses, they both share medium punishment however, if both prisoners were to remain silent together, they would both benefit by having much shorter jail time for both of them. This dilemma clearly explains why it is important to not discriminate and not help others.

During the Question and Answers session, Hadhirah A’yuni was able to tackle the questions that the audience asked. One of the question she answered was : “Is being Judgmental a form of Prejudice?” to which she replied, “Yes, because it involves judging someone without further knowing them.” She answered the questions with confidence. Most of the comments about the talk were positive and the audience find the topic pretty interesting. We, the Youth Science Forum, would like to express our thanks to Hadhirah A’yuni Haminudin for delivering her talk as well as the audience namely both Lower and Upper Sixth students as well as tutors that attended the talk.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to the late update.

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