Julian-Treasure-at-TED(credits: http://blog.ted.com/9-ways-that-sound-affects-our-health-wellbeing-and-productivity/)

It is unexpected that sound can affects our health well being and productivity, either it is a positive or a negative effects. Julian Treasure cares about your ears and the reason why Julian held a talk for TED, “The 4 ways sound affects us” and “Why architects need to use their ears”. Sound have a physical, measurable effect on how we feel, heal,work and live. “This paper is based on exhaustive review of academic papers, and reports from national governments and multinational bodies, going back some 40 years,”(credits: http://blog.ted.com/9-ways-that-sound-affects-our-health-wellbeing-and-productivity/) it begins. “The research examines the causes and impacts of sound on our health, recovery from illness or surgery, our ability to absorb information and learn, our productivity, and general sense of well being.”(credits: http://blog.ted.com/9-ways-that-sound-affects-our-health-wellbeing-and-productivity/)

That is a little preview of the article that we get from blog.ted.com. If you want to know more about ways of sound that affects our health well being and productivity, click on the link below :

9 ways that sound affects our health, wellbeing and productivity

Hope you guys enjoy reading this article and i hope all readers gain useful knowledge, enjoy !


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