This is the 8th talk and the first Upper Six presenter for the Youth Science Forum. On June 11th, 2015, Muhd Khairuddin Khalid held a talk about “Dreams” at Lecture Theater Excellence. This talk attended by both Upper and Lower six and also Tutors from each departments. The members of Youth Science Forum were disappointed because the principal could not attend our 8th talk. Before the talk starts, we got the chances to ask the audience’s expectation about the talk that about to be presented by Khairuddin. Some of the expectations were “the talk would obviously about how dream works“, “the talk would tell us how beneficial dream to us, Human being”. The attendance was way different from the previous talk, where it is not really packed with students. The talk start with the presenter introducing himself and he start explaining about his topic “dreams”.

He explain that there are five stages of sleep. The five stages are

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3
  4. Stage 4
  5. Rapid Eye Movement Sleep & Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep.

He explained that, the 4 stages which is from Stage 1 until Stage 4 is not really important, and he continued that the rapid eye movement sleep stage is really important. He explained that, when us, human sleep, our muscles are paralyzed and from this we’ll experienced Vivid Dreams. when the Rapid Eye Movement is turned on or basically activated, our mind is conscious but our body is in a form of unconscious.

He also continued with explaining how human dreams. He stated that an electrical implust  product in Brain generate a visual image that occur when we’re having our sleep. While the electrical implust generating visual image, the forebrain making story line for our dreams. He explained that functions of dreams is that its acts as a simulation for the human and it also refine and improve memories and it can also reliving experience. He also stated that Nightmare, which is often occur during the human being dreaming, He stated that nightmare as a beneficial purpose, where it act as a simulation by which it teaches us how to deal with real danger in the future. The causes of nightmare is because of stress, trauma, sleep desperation, medication substance, Scary books and movies.


At the end of the talk, the question and answer session started. well as expected, dozen of question were asked to khairuddin and he managed to answer the question confidently. Most of the comments was positive and the find the topic presented was interesting and to them it has developed their general knowledge. Finally, we all members of the YSF would like to thank all tutors and student that have attended to our talk and have been supporting us since day one.


Here are some of the pictures during the talk :



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