On Thursday, May 14th, 2015, Nur Razanah Binti Abdul Razak held a talk about about Feral Children. Feral Children was the first social science that have been presented in Youth Science Forum since the Youth Science Forum first talk, that was on February 26, 2015. The talk was held at Lecture Theater Excellence. Before the talk start,all of YSF members welcoming our guess of honor, Cikgu Hamidah (PTET’s Principal) and also tutors from different subjects mostly from science department, sociology tutors and also the students both from upper and lower 6.  As expected, the talks started smoothly and there’s no technical problems happened during the talk. Razanah start the talk with an introduction about feral children for students or tutors that does not know about “feral Children”. Razanah willingly to present about “feral Children” because she want everyone to know that this issue is really happening in the real world. Razanah had explained that Feral Children is basically about children is being raised by animal or having been deprived of almost all human contact. Razanah also use the cartoon “Tarzan” as an example of feral children.

Razanah stated that the most famous feral children patient was genie. She was a girl that have been badly abused by their Drunk alcoholic parents and they locked genie in her room and have no human contact for the first thirteen years of her life and also strapped to her potty chair. Razanah also stated that genie had a very small vocabulary which consisting about 20 words and also Razanah stated that the only phrases that genie know is “stop it” and “no more”. She was Discovered in 1970 and today she is considered to be the one of the worst cases of social isolation known. Genie also still bunny walking whereby she held her hands up in front of her as if they were paws.

The talk end with a “question and Answer” sessions whereby Razanah managed to answer dozen of questions asked to her. Some of the question during the talk was “From your perspective, how can this feral children issue can be solved?”,”how biologically it effects the brain of a feral children patient?” and etc. The talk ended with shaffiena’s closing speech and also with tutors and students giving how many stars and comment to the comment papers that have been distributed earlier. Most of the comments was positive and the find the topic presented was interesting and to them it has developed their general knowledge. Finally, we all members of the YSF would like to thank all tutors and student that have attended to our talk and have been supporting us since day one.

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Complete set of photos of Lecture #6 and past lectures available here

Watch a video of Razanah’s talk here

IMG_7723 IMG_7741

IMG_7743 IMG_7744


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