IMG_7239Thursday, 30th April 2015, Muhd.Azim Anuar had a talk about the Golden Ratio at Lecture Theater Excellence . The talk didn’t run really too smoothly due to the technical problems and he wasn’t fully ready to give the talk. During the talk, he introduced to the audience that attended the talk about interesting facts on maths and numbers that is the Golden Ratio. The fact is that, he said he has learned about Golden Ratio and so he is willingly to share to break a code about golden ratio. It is about the irrational number which is approximately 1.68 which this ratio can be found in nature, paintings,architecture or even Faces. Golden Ratio is often called as the divine proportion, divine section, golden section, golden mean. Azim Anuar also shared a brief history on golden ratio, thought the idea behind of Golden Ratio and how to calculate a golden ratio till he told the audiences to take out their calculator to join along with to calculate.He also said that the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence is proven to have a close relationship ,he then explained the relationship. Azim Anuar also showed some slides depicting a drawing of the golden ratio and also, he shows some of the architecture that used the golden ratio such as Eiffel Tower in Paris and Parthenon in Greece those building has a structure of Golden ratio. Architects love to use golden ratio because

•       It is considered as a tradition for all architects
•       It brings balance and height
•       Makes the building looks aesthetically pleasant
Some painting use golden ratio, such as Mona Lisa .Muhd.Azim Anuar said that the painting of Mona Lisa looks pleasant, it was because artist found out that the portrait do have golden ratio. After the talk finished, we received a lot of comments from the slips that are given to the students that listened to the talk before the enter the Lecture theatre. Some of the students found it interesting since they just knew about it and some said that Muhd Azim Anuar need to improve his presentation skill. We all kindly thank the audiences for the honest comments and thanks to the students and teachers who came and listened to the talk, we really do appreciate itIMG_7266IMG_7251IMG_7242

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