On Tuesday,21st April, PTET student, Akmal Zufayri has contributed to the Youth Science Forum and gave a talk on Pectus Excavatum at LT Excellence. It was a flamboyant  talk, because he himself experiences it and so the talk went smoothly  since he knew about it more than the rest of his colleagues.  He first began his introduction on hollow chest which is Pectus Excavatum.He mentioned the causes of the hollowed chest which he believed that the cause of the hollow chests is due to the growth of excessive tissue or more likely to say  a connective tissue disorder which is known as Marfan Syndrome also the causes is a curvature of a spine which is Scoliosis. The definition of the Pectus Excavatum was explained further . The symptoms of the Pectus Excavatum  was explained in details with picture which are:

  • – Fatigue
  • –  Shortness of breath
  • –  Chest and back pain
  • –  Fast heart rate
 Somewhere between the talk,Akmal Zufayri mentioned the treatments of hollow chest and he said that in involves a surgery called The Nuss Procedure.  During this procedure, two small incisions in the sides of the chest are made, a curved stainless steel bar is placed below the sternum .The bar is then flipped to make the sternum pop out and after two to four years, the bar is removed. Besides that , a question and answers session was open for any curious minds . He answered the questions perfectly without hesitation . We fully appreciate the attendance of all students and tutors.
Edited by:Faazieqa Saang

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