On Wednesday, 25th March, A volunteer from class L6-1 named Muhammad Amirul Maidin has given a splendid talk for a college student that on ALS. The talk began smoothly and much better than our expectation. The talk began with a bit introduction on a neurodegenerative disease which is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in short ALS. In the introduction other names for ALS are also mentioned which are motor neuron disease and Lou Gehrig disease and also the definition of ALS disease.A statistic of ALS patient (Europe and USA only) is also shown during the speech which is 5600 peoples per year. Not only that what trigger ALS is also being talked by Amirul during the talk which some of them is due to inheritance from parents. Eventhough the cause of ALS is known but in fact only 10% of the cause is confirmed meanwhile the other 90% of the cause is still unknown for now. After that, our talker is talking about the symptoms of ALS which are divided into 3 main stages which are:

  • Initial stage for example walking difficulty, hand stiffness, muscle cramps and/or leg weakness.
  • Progression stage.
  • Late stage for example respiratory failure and/or pneumonia which in most cases leads to death.

In the middle of the talk, Glutamate was mentioned as it can affect a person because it is toxic in excess thus damaging both neuron (which leads to ALS) and any nearby cells. Finally, the treatment for this disease are being talked which some of there are a drug named Riluzole (Rilutek) , breathing support or a ventilator, a feeding tube and lastly a therapy. Last but not least, a 10 minutes question and answer session is held which a lot of tough question has been fired to the speaker , yet the speaker managed to answer the question successfully and splendidly. We would like to thank the audiences for using their time to attend our talk and we wish you a happy day.

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