On Thursday, 12th March,

PTET Youth Science Forum committee organised their second lecture. The Chief Editor of the committee, Mr Alex Brandon with the aid of the The President of the committee , delivered a lecture, for a college student that is, with confidence and was well versed with background reading to tackle fearsome inquiries from the audience. The talk started with the introduction of Allotropes of Carbon. What basically covered by the introduction is what is allotropes , what is allotropes of carbon and also the examples of carbon allotropes. Which in this talk, only two carbon allotropes has been mentioned with their usage in todays world which is Fullerenes and Nanotubes. After that, the talk went deeper into nanoparticles and how they can be used to construct tiny things. This is known as Nanotechnology, in short Nanotech. Not only that the usage of nanotechnology has also been mentioned in the talk and there are to trap the HIV virus by injecting the nanoparticles into the body of the HIV patient, and how nanoparticles can be use to generate steam from the sunlight. The talk ended with a 10 minutes question and answer session which a lot of tough question has been fired to the speaker , yet the speaker managed to answer the question successfully and splendidly. We would like to thank the audience for using their time to attend our talk and we wish you a happy day.

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